Not Many Experts is a Liverpool and London based new music blog that has survived under various different veneers of professionalism since July 2008.

At heart, though, the blog has always been based on the simple premise of finding and sharing the most exciting new music. It’s not rocket science, but we still come incredibly close to ballsing it up every now and then.

This must have escaped some people’s notice, though, as we’re part of the Music Robot, and have ended up writing for the NME, The Line of Best Fit, and Bido Lito!. We* can be found on Twitter, rambling about Liverpool’s chances of qualifying for the Champions League (spoiler – they’re always high).

If you’d like to submit music to the blog, send us a SoundCloud link to phil@notmanyexperts.com. We cannot reply to everything, but we’ll listen to it.

*And when we say ‘we’, we do of course mean ‘I’. Hi, I’m Phil, and I’ve never been able to get over the urge to use the third person plural on a music publication.


  1. Andrew

    Phil, just wanted to say love the blog… Keep up all the hard work – I always look forward to new posts! Also… the layout is cleeeean. That is all 🙂

  2. Tom

    Agreed – great blog. It’s going in my bookmarks. Came across you by searching for Eastern Barbers.

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