All We Are // Feel Safe


Anyone who was wise enough to get down early on Warpaint’s recent tour will be well aware of  All We Are’s indistinct, psych-infused pop music. Everybody else will have had to make do with the bittersweet funk of last June’s ‘Utmost Good’ which was followed by the almost unbearable eight month gap separating it from yesterday’s release of ‘Feel Safe’.

Being the first Dan Carey-produced material to surface since the Liverpool trio signed to Domino subsidiary Double Six last December, expectations were always going to be high, but ‘Feel Safe’ breezes them all away with its disco-edged introversion. It may be carried by the warping funk and woozy melodies already so characteristic of the band, but there’s something more lyrically unsettling about it as well.

It’s that emotional ambiguity that seems so special; it could just as easily get a room grooving as it could make a fitting soundtrack to shamelessly crying about lovers past. And that, obviously, is exactly what we look for in a song. For the moment, though, we’re just very happy that we’ve finally got some new material from them. Let’s not make it another eight months.