All We Are // Stone

All-We-Are-stone ‘Stone’ is the latest disorientating offering from All We Are, which announces the incoming release of their album in February. It’s a swirling, weightless concoction that always seems to be drifting upwards from its first second, gently edging its way into your consciousness, their indistinct atmospheres gradually infused with those buoyant harmonies that are already so characteristically All We Are.

We all know that they have a special knack for penning flawless, off-kilter pop songs, but ‘Stone’ is something more immersive, stretching their melodic outlook into five hazy minutes that centre around Guro’s hushed insistence that “there’s nothing like it when it strikes”. As they descend into a quasi-spiritual reverie that would take a real lack of emotion to fail to get lost in, they could almost be referring to themselves. A timely reminder, if any was needed, that there’s real weight to their weightlessness.

More proof comes via their full album, which is streaming now courtesy of the good folks of Noisey. Lengthy album reviews is not our area, but it should be enough to say that the back pages of this blog are enough proof that we had massive expectations for this record, and it has genuinely surpassed them all with its depth and emotional heft; here’s hoping it gets all the attention it deserves.

The record’s out on February 2nd, so Double Six/Domino are taking pre-orders now.