Anna B Savage // 1

anna-b-savage Anna B Savage‘s debut track ‘1’ is a sparse and undulating introduction that lays bare haunting melodies over her unsettling examination of insecurity, and has us more than convinced that she’s a rare talent.

‘He’s left the lights on, so I’ve kept my shirt on,’ her trembling voice offers as an introduction, like Sharon Van Etten narrating the darkest moments of her relationships, but by the time the four minutes are up her declaration that ‘I want to be strong’ is lost amongst a maelstrom of clattering drums and guitars.

Like the work of all the finest singer-songwriters, it feels almost indecently candid, like she’s personally serenading you with her insecurities, and it’s that honesty and the ethereal beauty of this track that has us hoping there’s more frank catharsis where this came from.