Beacon x Dauwd // Fault Lines


Brooklyn duo Beacon apparently had their new EP, L1, mixed by the same guy who worked with Autre Ne Veut, and it’s no massive surprise to see their names sat in the same sentence as they’ve both got an uncompromising, exploratory take on contemporary R&B.

Take the roving opener from that EP, ‘Fault Lines’, that throbs with production that has one foot in Berlin’s techno tradition, whilst their vocals come across with all the catharsis of The Weeknd wrought desolate by thudding atmospherics.

It’s a track with a genuinely breathtaking intensity, yet Dauwd has managed to scale similar heights with his shuffling, house-indebted take on the original by pairing that evocative vocal line with glowing keys and a gentle but insistent beat. It’s a thing of subtle pneumatic beauty; thank the lord it’s seven minutes long.

Less subtle but just as imaginative is the bass-heavy title track from Beacon’s EP, ‘L1’, which comes on strong with a shuddering re-imagining of an R&B beat. Add their by now customary half-whispered vocals and a half dozen changes in direction, and we’re completely sold on an EP that seems to only get better.