Bo Rocha // Tangerine Flake

bo rocha - tangerine flakeApparently conceived to capture that glorious moment that the human mind decides to roll the dice at the risk of great loss, Bo Rocha‘s debut track ‘Tangerine Flake’ is just as musically impressive as it is conceptually ambitious, taking in dusky R&B, a velvet hip-hop flow, and so many arresting melodies that it doesn’t even feel remotely indecent to say that it is, at heart, really a great pop song.

But if we recognise that, it’s important to point out that this is dank, immersive pop music that surfaces into clarity for only the soaring vocals of the chorus before plunging you back into its world of pummeling beats, mechanical clicks and arpeggiated synths. Apparently this is just the first of a load of material that she’ll be releasing across 2015, which is just as well, because even after two weeks of hammering ‘Tangerine Flake’ at this end, we’re desperate for more.