Brolin // Kingston

brolin-kingstonSuperlative beatsmith Brolin has had us addicted to his slippery rhythms and icy vocals since he dropped ‘Reykjavik’ two years ago. Thankfully, we are now promised his debut album The Delta on October 30, and one of the first glimpses we’ve had of it is new track ‘Kingston’, which clatters with restless energy and Brolin’s soulful croon.

It’s slightly brighter than what we’ve come to expect from the masked producer – more comparable to The Weeknd than Gold Panda. In fact, it’s one of the first tracks of his we’ve heard that doesn’t sound like it was concocted in a throbbing subterranean dive – which isn’t to say that we aren’t completely taken with those sonorous cuts – but with the album imminent, it’s great to see that he can do sober contemplation as well.