Crushed Beaks // Overgrown

Crushed Beaks2015 begins with a track heralding the arrival of an album we’ve been hoping for every year in recent memory: abrasive trio Crushed Beaks have cruelly been making us all wait for that debut album for many, many months, but new track ‘Overgrown’ hints that all of that patience is going to be rewarded by stacks of racing, sinewy guitars.

As frontman Matthew Poile intones “I hope you know, how little I’ve told,” it all sounds like a coming to terms, throwing up melodies where previously they gave us an industrial fog. It’s a useful yardstick that shows just how much they’ve grown since the shrouded tones of ‘Sun Dogs’ introduced them back in 2011, and it’s a steady progression that ‘Overgrown’ makes it pretty much impossible to resent.

The album’s due out February 9th via their own Matilda Records, with an album release being held the same day at the Sebright Arms (tickets).