Dahlia Sleeps // Black and Blue

dahlia sleeps

Fresh from playing one of their first gigs at the Old Blue Last only yesterday, South London group Dahlia Sleeps have been brought right back to the forefront of our minds.

Most recent track ‘Black And Blue’ sees them hitting their stride as well; now fleshed out into a four piece and -Sleeps added to their name to avoid legal wranglings, the new track is a fragile, human sounding four minutes blending bleak textures reminiscent of the xx with warm, carefully paced production and frontwoman Lucy Hill’s arresting vocal.

It’s all fittingly bruised and fragile, which is the band’s default setting, and yet it all comes off strangely euphoric when those bitter melodies and hushed textures slot into place. It’s well worth delving into their older tracks on SoundCloud as well – the production on a track like ‘Hessian’ is just as perfectly poised, and Hill’s vocals are endlessly magnetic.