Emily Burns // Bitch

At the risk of becoming the unofficial marketing arm of 37 Adventures (Geowulf are also very much regulars of the 37 Adventures stable); this new Emily Burns track just elevated her to another level.

It’s always tempting to diagnose overnight success when new artists blow up (as Emily undoubtedly deservedly is), but in actual fact she’s been plugging away since her stripped back debut single in 2013. That track’s now been erased from the face of the internet, and acoustic guitars have disappeared, leaving in their space a future-proofed sound every inch as punchy as the title of the track suggests.

This is bold, sassy R&B, full of character, and riding high on bassy, angular synths that sounds like A.K. Paul or elusive brother Jai have stepped into the studio on a bleak day. Which feels very fitting in January, where bleakness is the prevailing mood. Yeah, it’s great, and hopefully the industry’s latest overnight five-year success story.