Ether Teeth // Autumn Sky


The oceanic photography that adorns Ether Teeth’s online ‘presence’ may or not be a knowing nod to his music, but if it’s not intentional, let me be the overenthusiastic music writer who draws the inference; it perfectly echoes the expansive psych immersion of ‘Autumn Sky’. What’s more, it’s one of those all-consuming affairs that creeps up on you before surrounding you with its dreamy soundscape, like being pushed into a pool backwards (in slow motion, of course). Imagine a blissed-out Tame Impala or Beach House trying their hand at abstraction and you won’t be a hundred miles off.

I did warn you that I was going to be overenthusiastic. What’s more exciting is that Ether Teeth protagonist Shane Dinet has recently moved from Phoenix to New York, bolstering the solo effort into a trio in the process, and as a result social media informs us that there are “more releases to come”. This is exactly the sort of reassurance that the internet was probably designed for. A cursory flick through Ether Teeth’s SoundCloud suggests the real promise of the project, veering as it does between melody-crammed Toro Y Moi’ish synthpop (‘Memory Leak’) to the more haunting haze of ‘Elysian Dreams’. Whatever comes next, we’ll be listening with real anticipation.