Gallant // Bourbon

gallant-bourbonAnother day: two pieces of great news from LA based future-R&B-smith Gallant. Not only has he slated his debut album Ology for an April 6th release (via Mind Of A Genius), but he has also unveiled new track “Bourbon”. Dramatic as ever, it scales those emotional and melodic heights that Gallant scrapes every time he records a track. The whole thing is lifted by intricate production and swelling synths that buoy those vocals ever higher.

It sounds like the moment he arrives as a real sensation – we’ll just have to see on that, but for now we can say for sure that it’s absolutely genius. His recent collaboration with Sufjan Stevens actually doesn’t seem so incongruous anymore; on “Bourbon” Gallant goes toe to toe with him in terms of perfectly weighted catharsis coupled with relentless introspection and imagery-rich lyrics.

A couple of years ago I got slightly over excited while writing about Gallant in NME Radar. We’ve all been there; a hit of caffeine too many, carried along by a particularly great song, and the next thing you know you’re saying things like “at this rate, he’ll have re-defined R&B by the end of the year.” I may not be a clairvoyant*, and it has taken just over a year, but “Bourbon” doesn’t fall far from vindicating that hyperbole, for rarely is modern R&B so lyrically brave, poetic and intensely emotional.

*although I did, against all the odds, put Firmino in my fantasy team yesterday, and well, we all know what happened next…