Glass Animals // Gooey


This new one from Glass Animals has got me attempting to invent new words just in the hope of more accurately capturing the essence of this actually brilliant track. The effort to give birth to new words has been abandoned, but what I can say is that this is Glass Animals at the absolute zenith of their marriage of the human and the electronic.

On the one hand is Dave Bayley woozily intoning “let me show you everything I know” against ethereal keys, yet this is somehow spliced with a deep, soulful synth stab that belongs in a club. So danceable is the production, in fact, that strip away the vocals and it could easily stand up by itself in a club. Add Bayley’s melody-impregnated vocals, though, and “Gooey” becomes a real masterpiece of the modern and unconventional. It’s still pop music, just not as its ever been imagined before – and that really is its simple beauty.