Gulf // Ocean

Gulf - OceanIt takes approximately zero seconds of Liverpool-based Gulf‘s newest tune “Ocean” before you’re submerged in their shimmering melodies, like a heat haze streaming off sweltering tarmac. After the cluster of their tracks that we’ve heard so far, that’s hardly surprising, but “Ocean” really distinguishes itself from the pack by pairing up these languid verses with an intense rush of a chorus that throws everything under a shroud of synths and hefty hits of mesmeric guitars. It’s getting harder and harder for young psych bands to differentiate themselves, but “Ocean” isn’t even close to melting away into a sea of pastiche; this is the real, genuinely disorientating, deal, like falling into the grip of ten pints on a sweltering hot day. That’s a feeling you could actually faithfully recreate on one of their upcoming dates; they’re playing Field Day on 7th June, and complete the pulse-quickening lineup for Outfit‘s album launch with Veyu at Liverpool’s Kazimier on 18th June (tickets).