guns // Ricochet

guns - ricochetguns (aka Norwegian newcomer Gunhild Jarwson Tekle) has only gifted us the one track so far, ‘Ricochet’, but its strangely euphoric marriage of dream pop and other darker corners of pop music already suggests a special talent.

What hits you first is guns’ voice; it drifts and sighs its way through lines wise to the intricacies of continuous agony (see ‘how I love it when you lose your bloody mind/that’s where I find you’, ‘once you said love is just a really long goodbye’), like Sharon van Etten cloaked by hooks. Her weightless melodies are impressive enough, but pairing them up with cutting lyrics is a genuinely rare thing.

Speaking of those melodies, there’s a moment about a minute in that is probably among the most stunning you’ll hear in the near future – guns’ introspection stretches out into a collection of blissful vocals, blooming synths and guitars so covered in fog of reverb that they seem to just revolve around guns’ vocals infinitely.

It pulls off that perfect paradox of coming on all listless and hazy whilst also conveying a heavy load of emotional intensity; a surprisingly compatible combination that is basically what made Beach House’s Teen Dream so beautiful and heartbreaking. ‘Ricochet’ is bound to make you ache in almost exactly the same way.