Hater // Had It All

These three aching minutes of ‘Had It All’ should be enough to convince any fully functioning human being that Malmö quartet Hater‘s debut album You Tried is highly, highly likely to be a thing of rare beauty. The first thing that floors you is Caroline Landahl’s crystalline vocal. Coming across like it’s been honey-steeped for days just for this one chance at conjuring up raw longing, it remains perfectly composed as she cycles through the holy trinity of the break-up: bitterness, denial and despair. Around her, sinewy bass and crescendoing picked guitars end up evoking the gorgeous heartbreak of a lost Beach House song whilst they laconically drift through what becomes a tutorial for that stereotypically Swedish knack for melody. If you’ve read all that without hitting play yourself, you’re mad, and if you have, you’ll no doubt want the essentials: You Tried is impacting March 10 via PNKSLM Recordings, The Radio Dept. love them and now so do we.