Hopium // Dreamers ft Phoebe Lou

Hopium - Dreamers GIF

Having two hemispheres is really pretty useful. Whilst all of Europe and the USA are engaged in the annual pagan-like cycle of sedation, hangovers and sunburn that we call ‘festival season’, our cousins to the extreme south are making their (relative) winter bearable by continuing to create music.

Melbourne duo Hopium’s new track ‘Dreamers’ has made us even more grateful for this state of affairs. It’s a dusky guide through a directionless quarter-life-crisis that begins with a background of ethereal vocals that could have been gripped straight from a Grimes track, before a towering chorus envelops the rest of the track.

In fact, Grimes isn’t a bad reference point for the track in its entirety: you know how she recently released a shamelessly pop track that she’d written for Rihanna? Well this could be its hook-filled, self-doubting cousin. Let’s hope that Melbourne’s winter continues for slightly longer than usual this year.