JW Ridley // Everything (Deathless)

Spent the past hour getting repeatedly floored by newcomer JW Ridley’s debut track, ‘Everything (Deathless)’. For any track, let alone an introduction, it straddles a load of really interesting contradictions. There’s the immaculate but unpolished production that sees a weightless pall hang over proceedings whilst muted melodies spring out of Ridley’s yearning vocal and bright guitar. There’s the beat – somehow both motorik and considered as it glides by into a rhythmic expanse of its own.

As far as essential details go, Ridley is a London-based former art school student who turned to music as an emotional release by knocking out tracks in his bedroom. It’s a one-sentence bio that calls to mind the genesis of Wild Nothing, and their music isn’t too far removed, either; there’s that clear sense of a distinct musical identity tussling with a load of really well chosen reference points. The real essential details here though are all in ‘Everything (Deathless)’: he’s got melody and rhythm absolutely nailed within those introductory five minutes, and we can’t wait to hear exactly how special this guy turns out to be.

If you want a copy you’ll have to move – Speedy Wunderground are releasing 250 on 10 February.