Kelly Lee Owens // 1 of 3

kelly lee owens - 1 of 3London-based solo artist Kelly Lee Owens continues sculpting her own world with the cavernous 1 of 3. This is one track that you need to sink into to appreciate – it demands re-listening to unravel its layers of barreling bass, Owens’ floating vocals and an entire constellation of details sitting back in the mix. It’s yet another brilliantly complex introduction from the up-and-coming solo artist, oscillating between disorientating darkness and hip-snapping postmodern pop awash with reminders of murky dance music sub-genres.

She seems to share a disdain for constraint with experimental bedfellow FKA Twigs, and joins her in projecting pop music far into the future through her prism of staccato beats and ghostly synths that occasionally coalesce into something old fashioned humans from the year 2016 would recognise as a pop song. The projection lands in a different place, but it’s just as hypnotic a vision.

If this is the first you’ve heard of her, you should definitely revisit her recent cover of Aaliyah’s More Than A Woman, too, which has been on repeat here for a good two months.