Kelly Lee Owens // Anxi ft. Jenny Hval

Kelly Lee Owens is an artist who’s been stunning us over the past couple of years by exploring the dead space somewhere between techno and pop. She tangles up those distant connections with such ease that we’re beyond excited to hear that her debut album will be released on March 24th by Smalltown Supersound, preceded by new track ‘Anxi’ featuring Jenny Hval, author of last year’s critically lauded Blood Bitch.

‘Anxi’ itself is a terse reintroduction presaged by synths that spread Hval’s ethereal vocal over the track. It’s full of airy melodic touches which unexpectedly disintegrate into a taut, barren beat that stretches out into a head-down, eyes-wide rhythm hypnotic enough to keep Fabric moving or totally consume a small club space – which I suppose is where some of Owens’ next gigs will be – I can’t wait to hear these beats bludgeon walls not accustomed to a sound anything like this.