Lisa Alma // Fine

lisa-alma-fineSome seriously chilly Nordic vibes to steel ourselves for winter on this new one from Danish newcomer Lisa Alma. It’s got the restraint and style that we’ve come to borderline demand from Scandanavian pop music, but is urged along by a gently insistent beat and bouncing, bassy pads apparently courtesy of producer Lasse Lyngbo, whose CV involves work with Taio Cruz.

Whatever your relationship with Mr Cruz might be, Lyngbo definitely contributes a subtle but kinetic R&B momentum to ‘Fine’. Pristine production aside, Alma’s vocals set the track apart from the thousands of tracks dripping from SoundCloud’s every pore by striking a precarious balance between the fragility of Bat For Lashes and Austra’s intensely emotional delivery.  It’s dreamy but direct, nonchalant then wide-eyed, which leaves the whole thing feeling resolutely genuine.