Lucy Mason // Lost & Found

lucy-mason-lost-and-foundLucy Mason‘s couple of opening gambits so far have been near enough flawless (see the sonorous ‘All You Want’ for confirmation), but new track ‘Lost & Found’ is on a different plane altogether. She claims that the process of pushing herself to make this track led her to find her sound as an artist, which, judging by ‘Lost & Found’, seems to be progressive, other-wordly alternative pop music. That said, it almost feels misleading to describe this as pop music, it is, but its accessibility lies in its harrowing honesty and pulsating electronics as much as it does in those melodies vast enough to spend days in.

It’s these idiosyncrasies that really set her apart; beneath her towering voice there are Kid-A indebted strobe-lit flickers of production, thumped floor toms and a fitting darkness. There may be little room left for individuality in alternative pop music, but Mason is carving out a niche for herself at the centre of a Venn diagram that has Daughter’s intimacy, the xx’s ethereal soundscapes and Banks’ bleak way with melodies at its outer reaches. It’s a powerful and unique marriage from a new artist that we’re hoping we’ll hear a lot more from.

If you’ve been sleeping on her steady ascent, then here’s the unsettling previous track ‘All You Want’, too.