Luka ‡ // The Nest


The word on the street is that Luka Seifert, the brains behind the Luka ‡ project , has somehow amassed a 150,000 strong following on his Tumblr that showcases minimalist photography. It’s a striking piece of work that no doubt bleeds into his stark work as Luka ‡, which is endlessly evocative; it’s not difficult to imagine his music being married to a monochrome post-industrial city, a decaying landscape or a dank subterranean rave that people who don’t actually like to dance go to.

That’s in no way a criticism – in fact, we’re all about his recently released debut EP The Nest, which screws around in the grey area between house and techno like fellow European visionary Kassem Mosse.There are more than a few moments that will get you wanting to shuffle your feet around in odd configurations, too: sonorous EP highlight ‘CULT’, for example, comes across like a strung-out Gold Panda, complete with aching yawns of synths and irresistibly echo-covered percussion.

The dingy atmospherics of ‘LOWDOWN’ (available for a free download via the nice blokes at XLR8R) plunges deeper into his murky world with glimpses of something resembling a vocal and delay-drenched samples which could have stumbled in from a Forest Swords track. The entire EP is almost unbelievably complete for a debut; propulsive yet deeply introspective, danceable yet unpredictable, and absolutely not in danger of being accused of being derivative. The whole thing is available to stream here.