Mall Grab // Sun Ra

mall grab - sun raDebuting SE London based label Church‘s Marble series is the Sun Ra EP from Aussie newcomer Mall Grab, with demand already bubbling up to levels where Phonica have limited buyers to one per order amid the release date being pushed back to 15th April due to the annual major-label-hijacked vinyl feeding frenzy that is RSD.

Can’t is the track that has been grabbing headlines with its Alicia Keys’ sampling groove, but it’s Down that’s seems even more news worthy. Buoyed by a brawny 4/4 beat, it removes itself from the ordinary by layering delicate piano melodies with the pitch shifted vocals of Big Boi on Outkast’s Ain’t No Thang, who is found wondering about dungeons and chicken wings while stoned, unsurprisingly.

Downtempo soundscape French Girls stretches things out with waves of synths before running into title track Sun Ra, a hit of house that shimmers hazily before emerging into sunlit clarity. Its slow burning pleasures are the perfect foil for Can’t, which discards all restraint amid seven minutes which soundtracked a lot of last summer and will surely continue to come those first festivals of summer 2016.