Malory // Oomph, Pt 3


If you’ve ever yearned to see animated women struggle with their jumpers whilst the moon spins behind them, you’re in luck – for the rest of us, it’s probably enough that Malory’s new video contains the audio to ‘Oomph, Pt 3’, the second track that we’ve heard from NY-based techno producer.

Continuing the pattern of self-descriptive titles that began with ‘Dah’, ‘Oomph, Pt 3’ is just as brawny as the name suggests, coming on strong via beams of muscly synth, a pummeling beat and eerie production. It’s both strangely danceable and slightly terrifying, whilst managing to suggest tangible emotion in the tension between those elements, which is really what sets her apart. Her debut EP is out now on Godmode.