Miles from Kinshasa – IVRY

miles-from-kinshasaThe genre tag is generally put to dubious use by those convinced that their particular brand of whatever constitutes an entirely new genre, so fair play to London’s newest oddball pop genius Miles from Kinshasa whose ‘Ha nice try’ opening on Facebook is a pretty fair comment given the explosive and esoteric wanderings of his debut track ‘IVRY’. He gets more specific elsewhere, pinning it down as ‘rumba-pop’, which feels as surprisingly accurate as it does tongue in cheek considering ‘IVRY’s rumbling rhythm.

But let none of this talk of classification distract you from the fact that ‘IVRY’ is brilliant, unhinged and singular pop song that drifts around the apex of R&B, pop music and the more beat-driven electronics that people like LA Priest are currently spearheading. For all that wandering, ‘IVRY’ packs one hell of an instant emotional punch with its smoky and sonorous production framing his soaring vocal perfectly.