Mura Masa // Someday Somewhere

mura-masaLast year’s ‘Lotus Eater’ was a real game-changer for me. A flute has not had such an impact since Ron Burgundy whipped it out back in 2004. The eccentric choice of instrumentation represented a wider restless mentality that was what made ‘Lotus Eater’ so special; from its splicing together of disparate styles to its shuddering bass, it was clear that Mura Masa (18 y/o Channel Islander Alex Crossan) had some brilliantly unorthodox ideas about what music should sound like.

Those ideas are played out across Someday Somewhere, his debut EP which is released via his own label, Anchor Point. His eclectic spirit has if anything been encouraged, from the breathless mash up of stuttering steel drums, hammering bass and hyperactive vocals of ‘Lovesick Fuck’ to ‘Firefly’s flickering synths colliding with Nao’s crystalline vocals. It’s brilliantly absurd, an unconstrained trip through Crossan’s visionary approach to dance music – there’s hardly time to pause and reflect that it’s even more ridiculously impressive considering that the guy’s just 18, and just a year on from opening his Soundcloud account. That said, there’s no doubt he’s a mercurial talent, but it’s almost hard to care when the EP itself is just so, so good.