Ninetails // Radiant Hex


Ninetails have always been a young band doing incongruously clever things whilst somehow twisting them into accessible shapes, but “Radiant Hex” – the lead track on their new EP Quiet Confidence – marks the transition they’ve made from being a band full of potential to one delivering and even surpassing it.

It’s clever, yes, but not in an overbearing, Aphex-Twin-aping way; every sound on “Radiant Hex” is beautiful in its own unconventional way, rather than simply being impressive. Which it is, too, of course. But more important is the way that all of its elements fall together seamlessly. From the sombre vocal intonations of Jordan Balaber to the magisterial horn passages and manipulations of segments of guitars, everything on this track sounds like it was born to coexist with everything that surrounds it.

The end product is a truly sublime piece of unhinged, limitlessly ambitious art-pop that could be a less morbid and more melodically driven These New Puritans. There could be no higher praise, but it’s entirely justified for what really is a brilliant introduction to their EP.

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