Outfit // Genderless

outfit-genderlessFollowing a sizable absence, most people opt for a gentle reintroduction; a hot drink and relentless smalltalk, or a track with a few nagging hooks if you’re a musician: not Outfit. After over a year away, the newly Memphis Industry signed quintet have returned with their own dystopian vision of pop music in the form of ‘Genderless’, the first hint of what we can expect from their forthcoming album, Slowness.

Introducing itself with pulsing, aqueous synths and drums that could be falling mortars, ‘Genderless’ instantly sounds ambitious and uncompromising. Mine beneath these layers, though, and those spectral melodies and themes of emotional dissonance loom as large as ever, even when the track reaches a cathartic peak amongst storms of screaming guitars.

Debut album Performance was most often compared to Hot Chip; I guess because of its marriage of left-field melodies and subtle grooves, but ‘Genderless’ feels far more unforgiving, more likely to be likened to Swans or My Bloody Valentine or anybody else gifted at turning white noise into something that you want to let wash over you. Whether it’s representative of Slowness or not, it’s a brilliantly brutal reminder that they’re experts when it comes to strangling pop music into new shapes.

Slowness is out on June 15th amid shows in London, Manchester and Liverpool. ‘Genderless’ is available to download for absolutely no money here.