Over Sands // New Year


One of the most promising new tracks we’ve received over the past week is this indistinct and undulating indie rock from Over Sands, a fraternal duo hailing from London who are releasing their debut EP later this month. That EP was apparently written while secluded in a beach house on England’s east coast, and ‘New Year’ is every bit as navel gazing as that description would have you assume.

Their coastal retreat is fitting for another more unexpected reason, too; ‘New Year’ is peppered with a cloud of those hazy and anthemic hooks that Beach House specialise in, although we’re going to guess that that nautical cross over is unintended. What sets Over Sands apart is that they pair those hooks up with the sort of haunting organs that Wu Lyf were known for, giving the track an uneasy edge beyond those blooming melodies. It’s a poignant marriage of light and dark, and one we’re looking forward to hearing a lot more of on the EP itself, which will be getting a free launch on the 25th November at the Sebright Arms.