Pelicandy // In Echoes

We modern people are fickle. Attentions fade quicker than the new tweets pile up on your feed, and so to be one of the day’s thousand new bands stumbling bleary eyed onto the baffling stage that is the internet, first impressions are pretty crucial. London quartet Pelicandy, fortunately for them and us, have introduced themselves today with “In Echoes” a bleary pop song that instantly embeds itself just under the skin.

They claim to have been inspired by the classic pop music of their parents, which you can maybe hear in the Talking-Heads-esque careering rhythm, but it’s 21st century pop groups that they most clearly recall, with their bouncy melodies elevated by a soft wash of synths in exactly the same way as Metronomy. Either way, the end result of “In Echoes” is mesmeric modern pop that borrows from all the right places.

On this evidence, Pelicandy have got just about everything that a new band could want; arresting vocals, a languid way with hooks, and an, err, eye-catching name. Let’s hope they’ve got a load more songs where “In Echoes” came from, too. If so, they’ll be more than worth us fixing our fleeting attentions on.