Pink Film // Pressure


Back when we last ran into Pink Film, they were popping up on every intriguing looking support bill in Liverpool in the halcyon days of 2010/11. As the extensive back pages of Getintothis prove, they were always an ambitious, arty prospect invariably noted down as ones to watch – the potential was obvious.

Five years is an eternity by any measure; a stretch of time that usually encompasses a couple of musical u-turns for most bands and sees Premier League teams dispense with a solid half dozen of plucky Championship-level managers. But five years on and now taken flight to London, Pink Film are still oozing that obvious quality.

The only new material that we’ve got to go on is the lethargic fuzz of ‘Pressure’ that splices synth breezes cushiony enough to land on with front-man Ziyad Al-Samman’s keen harmonies. It’s got that uncluttered, effortless groove that we thought Metronomy had got copyrighted – throw in a handful of blasé melodies, and you’ve got a brilliantly unpretentious pop song.

No wonder they’ve got the nod to support Hinds (neé Deers, now sadly confined to the rear part of the animal), who share their skill in crafting good, honest pop music. That it’s already sold out suggests that the appeal of Hinds is already well known, but it’s their support band that might raise a few eyebrows if they’ve got another few tunes of this calibre in their locker.