REID // Fractures


Dublin based producer REID has been a firm favourite of ours since he dropped the bass driven ‘Miami’, but new EP Fractures feels like it’s in a different league altogether.

Just check out how immensely detailed and powerful ‘Singapore’ is – it pummels away for just four techno-leaning minutes as if Jon Hopkins had been slipped something by one of his mates and really let go. There’s no sacrificing the detail in favour of intensity, either – there are enough glistening chimes and glimpses of half-there gasps to satisfy the most rabid of Gold Panda fans.

What’s most encouraging is that there’s so much more to these three tracks than a propulsive low end. Take, ‘Tarnished’, on which he joins up with Woman’s Hour to drift through his indistinct take on melancholia. The results are swampy and thick with introspection: it could almost fit seamlessly onto Forest Sword’s Engravings. Title track ‘Fractures’ treads the middle ground between the two, melting together a saccharine lead vocal courtesy of Slow Skies and a cavernous soundscape that swallows you up with those icy chimes and a thumping low-end. As a statement of intent from a producer exploring the divide between euphoria and introspection, it’s both flawless and completely essential.