RongoRongo // Shiver


We like the way that Liverpool quartet RongoRongo are introducing themselves to the world: details are thin on the ground, but their SoundCloud is rammed full of out-of-focus harmonies and gently refracting melodies. It is after all pretty irrelevant that X might have once played the maracas for Y and is keen to namedrop Twin Peaks and J Dilla on a list of industry approved ‘influences’.

Not irrelevant, though, are the contorted laments of a guitar that weave in and out of the creeping eight minute epic of ‘Slice of Heart’, as if Nick Cave had reinvented his back catalogue to headline Austin Psych Fest. Nor the hazy floor-tom fuelled irony of ‘Flesh’, which somehow weds bright melodies with lyrics that almost certainly see them contemplating cannabalism.

Less morbid and even more exciting is the irrepressible ‘Shiver’, driven by its queasy bass and guitars which circle each other like kaleidoscopic adversaries, before collapsing into a chorus buoyed by echoing keys and frontman Mick Chrysalid’s reverb smothered vocals. Yeah: we think we like it. Keep pumping out moments like this and there won’t be a shortage of PR men and ladies queuing up to pen their (presumably surreal) back-story.