Roza Roza // –


If the recent popularisation of techno has a downside, it would be the reduction of techno to a trendy endurance sport. Wayward kids of unprecedented numbers are now willing to convulse in dark rooms as long as a 4/4 beat and a vague techno sound are present; the bleaker and more repetitive, the better. Forget creativity or musicality, if it can be Snapchatted and provides an excuse to buy a snapback and a gram off your distant mate’s occasional dealer, it’s a top night for all involved.

But all is not lost: the flipside to this is an even greater flood of imaginative productions that cling loosely to the classic techno template whilst breaking out into any and all of dance music’s rapidly multiplying subgenres. And of course a world where Ben Klock has slowly become a festival headliner is one that we should all want to live in. It’s this world that seems to have produced Roza Roza, a new producer who we know nothing about except Mörk are releasing his anonymously titled debut EP , a restless half an hour that deftly weaves between meaty techno thumps, jazzy experimental passages and basslines soulful enough to drag the whole thing back toward the dancefloor.

It ultimately doesn’t weigh itself down with one idea for too long, rumbling off down alleyways vivid with possibility; ‘-‘ is constantly evolving from the widescreen landscape of percussion that opens it, to the almost melodic glimpses of strings and the grumbling bass that defines the track’s end. ‘- -‘ is no less inventive, though you can almost see it providing a weirdly euphoric interlude in the club with its warm synths and steady thump.  ‘- – -‘ nudges everything back towards darker corners via a stuttering group of polyrhythms that bring to mind some of Daniel Avery’s best stuff. In the moments where the whole thing aligns, it’s all the more special for having taken the long route there. It functions as a weighty bookmark to a landmark debut that really feels like the arrival of a forward-thinking and exciting new talent.