Samuel // Killr


We’ve been following London-based Samuel for a while, and new track Killr delivers all the honesty and rawness that the self-titular name of the project hints at. It’s the first track from his Luv Cry EP, out on Big Dada on June 10, of which Samuel says that it’s “stuff I can’t give/say/do day to day”. Killr is a bold proof of that; riding in on a faltering beat stuck somewhere between a club and future RnB, Samuel’s voice makes the track unavoidably individual, all raspy confessions that reach out of the speakers to snag your attention.

The production courtesy of Kwes (Warp) and Ozkharp (Hyperdub) is no less decisive: there’s all the fractured beauty that you’d expect from the duo, as they pit stalactites of synths against what sounds like the ghosts of bass, dancehall and trance. Those ghouls of genres are all reimagined to underline Samuel’s voice in what is a simultaneously ethereal and very real introduction to what should be a really special EP.