Sunboy // Highway Screamin’


As I write this my breath is stretching ominously out in front of me like an unnecessary constant reminder of my quite obviously freezing surroundings, a state of affairs which makes Sunboy’s warm psychedelic ramblings infinitely more appealing.

Not that they need to be artificially made more appealing; on first listen, Sunboy seem like the USA’s answer to Tame Impala, which is an accolade that I’ve been desperate to give out for far too long. “Highway Screamin’” is all wandering basslines, warping vocals and delay-drenched guitars clamped together into a tribute to the narcotically liberal ‘70s.

Perhaps the comparison to Australia’s finest contemporary psych band is a poisoned chalice – it’s certainly not an attempt to file them as a sub-Tame-Impala intrigue – because the five kaleidoscopic minutes of “Highway Screamin’” can’t help but reveal that these guys are more than capable of holding their own. The final minute, especially, morphs from a terse psychedelic workout into a laconic wig-out worthy of some serious head-muddling visuals. Right on. Throw in the curveball of a hypnotic piano melody on the fittingly seductive “Aphrodisia” and I’m completely sold.