TĀLĀ // Everybody’s Free


Londoner of the moment TĀLĀ continues her forays into experimental, quasi-mystical pop music with ‘Everybody’s Free’, which is hot on the heels of her debut EP, The Duchess, released earlier this year. Apparently not satisfied with just the one visionary, genre-blending EP though, it’s going to be followed by the Alchemy EP later this November, which ‘Everybody’s Free’ suggests is going to see her continue to stake an irresistible claim the unexplored space between the musical triumvirate of Rustie, FKA Twigs and Jessie Ware.

The track itself proves itself deserving of comparison to such innovative artists, ambitiously splicing together choral washes and stalking throbs of bass before unexpectedly collapsing under the gravity of a sudden chorus (if it’s really proper to define a brief passage of cathartic vocals and thick railway-sleeper-like synths as a chorus).

What’s most impressive isn’t its accessibility, it’s that within just over three minutes, TĀLĀ‘s restless imagination races off in countless directions, from spoken word passages to bone-shaking bass filled bridges and heart-felt skeletal R&B breakdowns. And for all this restless creativity, ‘Everybody’s Free’ feels like a real pop song rather than a cerebral experiment; this is immediately relatable, truly progressive, original pop of the highest order.