Tei Shi // Bassically

tei-shi-bassicallyWell, this is more than a bit special. “Bassically” is a brutalist slab of sultry future-pop from newcomer Tei Shi, and as introductions go it’s pretty perfect. Even more exciting; apparently there’s plenty more where this came from, and to be honest we’ll be excited if forthcoming material is even half as good as this.

“Bassically”‘s brilliance lies in its own contradictions: it’s destined to be endlessly described (as proved above) as future pop thanks to its post-industrial beat and Tei Shi’s ecstatic vocal, yet it’s as retro as it is future, powered along as it is by a wobbling italo-disco synth line, complete with giant thwacks of snare drums and piques of bleeps straight out of the ’80s. It’s intense, ethereal, danceable, introspective, experimental and absolutely loaded with hooks: anything that manages to simultaneously conjure up so many feelings and sounds is destined for great things.