Veyu // Running


There’s something indistinct and transportative about “Running” that reminds us of The War On Drugs at their rambling best, or the foggy soundscapes of fellow Merseysiders By The Sea. Veyu already seem to have struck the right balance between clarity and mystery, however, as sharp melodies still find ways to pierce through towards sunlight on this, only their second track.

The first comparison seems particularly apt given that “Running” seems to gallop along like Mr Granduciel’s epics; it sounds like the perfect cassette to have stashed with you if you decided to hitch a ride across America. It poses more questions than it answers, keenly fraught with the everyday existential crisis of direction, yet still managing to remain anchored by a maudlin sense of purpose.

“I don’t know every part of wrong from right, all I know is this is life…” comes the stark analysis from frontman Adam Bresnen, but they’ve made more than their fair share of wise decisions so far. “Running” aside, they’ve retained their independence by occupying their own gallery space in Liverpool, the Fallout Factory, using that freedom to explore their own sound and its intersection with images. It hardly requires a great logician to therefore explain how “Running” manages to be so visually evocative and sonically ambitious; here’s hoping there’s many more boundless moments where this came from.

As it happens, there’s a cracking feature on the band in this month’s Bido Lito!. And, yeah, you should go and read it.