ZUZU // Clever Gains

zuzuBeing a proud product of the Wirral myself, I can’t help worrying about parochial bias in my musical choices, but there’s no doubt that ZUZU‘s brooding, strung out pop is getting the nod here purely out of merit. Simply put, ‘Clever Gains’ is stunning, especially so considering it’s just her second track. The restraint here is remarkable given her youth – the track aches and writhes, but never lets go of the production’s cavernous space, into which ZUZU’s dusky tones spill. ‘You’, the debut track, is more of her sparse and emotionally tense confessions, which has more than enough poetry and cathartic depth to confirm that she’s a genuinely rare talent – a relatively young one, sure – but still a rare one who seems to be growing by years and years with each passing track.