Motherhood // Hey You

It was inevitable that a certain unavoidable Mancunian pop band would start casting their shade over the pop landscape.  You know, the ones that are practically a magnet for millions of streams and yet played a politically charged Glasto set? Sell out the O2 night upon night, and also have “serious music journalists” rapt with their post-Talk-Talk ambient interludes? Share a name with the final year of the Vietnam War? Thought so.

They’re now an influential force for good, too, if Motherhood‘s Hey You is anything to go by. The Liverpool band share their hyper-autobiographical, self-deprecating mindset and knack for wrapping up euphoric hooks in pristine electronic frames. It’s a knockout gut-punch of a second track, lifted from their debut EP due later this year, and proves that there’s definitely room for another credible northern pop band. If they can take this flash of brilliance and flesh out their nascent sound, they could be bearing their hearts on much bigger stages soon. Throw in a few ambient interludes and we’ve got a Best New Music contender on our hands.